Virtual CFO Services

Our firm offers Virtual CFO Services for clients that have a growing business and need internal financial reporting on a quarterly or monthly basis to manage future growth and ongoing operations.

This service is needed for businesses that have reached between $500K and $5 million in annual revenues and do not have a full time CFO.

There is a significant need in the business community for this type of part time CFO service for growing companies with cash flow management issues. The most important job of a CFO is too manage future cash flow and to ensure upper management has the required internal financial reports to manage the business on a timely basis. Year end annual financial report information is often too dated for management to adjust operations that have experienced a major change in revenues either up or down.

CFO Services

Our specific list of CFO services include:

  • monthly or quarterly financial reporting
  • financial update meetings with upper management
  • managing relationships with bankers and finance companies
  • supervising and training internal accounting staff
  • communicating with upper management on any emerging major financial issues

In the age of Covid-19

Accounts Receivable management has become a major issue with the current Covid-19 pandemic, causing havoc in today’s market place.

We have transitioned to Zoom-based monthly financial update meetings with CFO clients.

It is more important than ever for companies to manage cash flows very carefully given the huge challenges and changes in the market place caused by Covid-19.

Why Work with Shouldice Accounting?

Our experienced team can help smooth the path to success for your business through these six pillars:

  1. Maximum Profitability – we work to maximize the amount of money left in your pocket
  2. Always on Time – we work closely with you to ensure all work is completed and filed on time
  3. Differentiator – we work exclusively with small incorporated owner managed clients and have deep knowledge of their needs
  4. Availability – our firm policy is to answer all calls and emails immediately or within 24 hours
  5. Communication – we hold our firm to high standards when it comes to communicating with our clients
  6. Peace of Mind – our clients have tremendous peace of mind knowing their accounting and taxation needs are well taken care of

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